How Do I Know What Size Is Right?

We have a few different sizes available, and they all serve slightly different purposes. This post is designed to help you know which one is best for you.

  • If you are looking for a blanket for a child, you should choose a blanket that is roughly 10% of their weight. We do not recommend our products for anyone under 50 lbs and they are not intended for use by infants or toddlers.
  • The children sizes are also good for anyone to use during travel when you don't want to carry a large extra blanket around. There is no exact recommendation for this use. Just get the one you feel comfortable carrying.
  • Our small adult sized blankets are designed to keep a majority of the weight on the user. They are perfect for using on the couch or in your favorite chair. They are also ideal for someone who uses the blanket while relaxing but isn't necessarily looking to sleep under it. This blanket offers the most therapeutic experience since it keeps the pressure more concentrated on the user. It can still be used for sleeping also, but the large size gives more space to move around without losing the blanket's coverage of your body.  13lb - Light yet noticeable presssure. 16lb - Soothing medium pressure. 20lb - Nice firm pressure. 25lb - Extra firm pressure.
  • Our large adult size weighted blankets are about the size of the top of a queen size mattress. These can serve a few purposes. They are large enough for two people to lounge under. They are also great for one user who is looking to sleep under their blanket. Since it has a large surface area it will stay on top of you as you turn through the night. Since the weight is fairly spread out, it is not going to feel as heavy as you may initially think.  15lb - Light yet noticeable presssure. 20lb - Soothing medium pressure. 25lb - Nice firm pressure.
  • The king size weighted blankets are ideal for couples. It is extra large and can provide two people with ample coverage. Since you would most likely have two people using this blanket, keep in mind that only half of the weight is going to be on each person.  20lb - Light, yet noticeable presssure. 25lb - Soothing medium pressure. 30lb - Nice firm pressure.