All Weighted Blankets Are Not Equal

At The Weighted Blanket Co., we have been hand crafting luxury weighted blankets for six years. Since we have began making these, the market has become flooded with weighted blanket options. We would like to explain what sets us apart from other options.

While there are numerous differences, we will highlight just a few. Obviously, we are partial to our product but we assure you this is credible information. Afterall, there is a reason we have over 10,000 customers, and over 700 online reviews that are 99.5% positive.

  • The most common product is the weighted insert blanket piece, with a removable cover. The weighted inserts with a removable cover are all the same mass produced product from China. They use the absolute cheapest fabric options they can find to save at all cost. The fabric is not designed to withstand the pressure of holding the extra weight. It is also thicker fabric that does not breathe as well as ours. Since there is a cover for the actual blanket, it has extra layers to trap heat with. It will not be as cool sleeping as ours, even if they call it "cooling". Also, the covers actually make general care more difficult. You have to get the insert in and out of the duvet, the straps break, the weight shifts around inside the cover, and wouldn't you want to wash the entire blanket anyways? If it looks like the blankets below, or it is not made in America, it is not the option you want.

differences in weighted blanketsbest weighted blankets

  • The blankets you can find at retail stores are not ideal. They are the same as the blankets above for the most part, just cheaper. A quality weighted blanket is fairly large, so they are not great for retail shelves. To make it work, these weighted blankets are smaller dimensions, and lower weights, so they really do not offer any benefits. The point of a weighted blanket is to have a noticeable amount of weight spread across your body. These are not designed to give relief and real comfort.
  • If you are looking for a weighted blanket for your child, you should consider avoiding any fabric with prints on them. While they may have your child's favorite characters and designs, these types of fabrics are thin and low quality. They are not meant to withstand the pressure a weighted blanket has on it.

Our customer feedback and reviews validate that we have been able to create a superior product.

best weighted gravity blanket availablebest weighted blanket available gravity blanquil mycalm

After using many different fabrics through the years, we found the perfect fabric for weighted blankets. Our signature fabric is the only fabric you want your weighted blanket to be made of. It is strong enough to last for years. It is arguably the softest fabric available. It is specifically designed to allow for maximum airflow to sleep cool. To keep all of this fabric together we only use high quality, very thick thread. Since we manufacture our own products, we are able to offer this superior product for a much lower price than you will find from most of our competitors.

If it is not the Nūko brand, it is not authentic The Weighted Blanket Company product.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to message us. Thank you for reading.

-Jack Underwood, The Weighted Blanket Co. founder