XLarge - Adult Weighted Blanket

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These extra large weighted blankets are perfect for use by couples. It is about the size of a king size mattress.

All of our weighted blankets are made from our signature polybreathe fabric. It is soft, durable, and designed for increased airflow to ensure that the blanket is heavy but not hot! To add the extra weight, we use small non-toxic, bpa-free plastic pellets. They are sewn into individual pockets to make sure they stay evenly distributed across your body. In the event the blanket is damaged, do not ingest or allow children to ingest the pellets.

Our weighted blankets are all one piece. This keeps minimal layers of fabric to make sure the blanket is breathable and cool sleeping. Extra layers mean extra heat, so we don't offer covers for the blanket. The entire blanket is safe for machine wash and dry on medium heat and spin settings. The easiest and most sanitary weighted blanket care available.

Approximate blanket dimensions are 76x80. 20lb - Light yet noticeable presssure. 25lb - Soothing medium pressure. 30lb - Nice firm pressure. Heavier may be possible upon request.

*Since the weight is spread out, it will not all be on one user and is not as heavy as you may think.

Only available in grey, ivory and white. If you would like to request a different color, please email us to see if we can accommodate.