Nūko Weighted Comforter

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This is not just another weighted blanket. This is a Nūko Weighted Comforter, the only weighted blanket that is meant to take the place of your current comforter or duvet. This weighted blanket is large enough to comfortably fit two people, and use as normal bedding. Welcome to the future of comfort!

Our Patent Pending design is the only weighted blanket with non-weighted edges. This makes it perfect for use as everyday bedding. The weighted center is just slightly larger than the top of a mattress, keeping the weight concentrated on the users. Because there is no free-hanging weight on the edges, it will not cause you to feel strapped down to the bed.

This is made from our signature PolyBreathe fabric. It is very soft, breathable for cool sleeping, and also strong enough to withstand the test of time.

20lb- Noticeable, yet subtle pressure. 25lb- Soothing medium pressure. 30lb- Nice firm pressure. Heavier may be possible upon request

Q/F is the queen size / full size option. K is the king option. Please note, on the king sizes, the unweighted portion of the blanket is smaller resulting in less overhang. The Q/F has about 10 inches of overhang, and the K has about 6 inches.

This blanket is safe for machine wash and dry on medium heat and medium spin settings. You can add a duvet cover if you like, but more layers means warmer sleeping.